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Augmented Reality (AR) Medical Training Is Helping Save Lives

If you haven’t been living under a rock lately, you might be aware of today’s technological advancement in various aspects of everyday life. Entertainment, sports, news, business, you name it. But most importantly, it is having a huge impact on various fields of expertise, and one of them is medical training. With high-end technology taking over the generation and changing the course of history, it’s safe to say that we are headed towards a brighter future. One high-end technology in particular that has been helping the medical field is Augmented Reality (AR).

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Augmented Reality and Safe Spaces for Exploring Medical Errors in EMS

The tones drop, you get to the rig, lights and siren scream out. You are on your way to a 5-month-old baby. Dispatcher says its an “unknown medical” call.

You get on scene and are met by frantic family members. You and your partner get into the house and the mother is crying. In between her sobs she’s begging you to save her baby. When you finally get to the child, you see that it is seizing. Then it stops. There is nothing. No movement and no breathing.

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