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Augmented Healthcare: How Augmented Reality is Shaping Medicine

Augmented Healthcare: How Augmented Reality is Shaping Medicine

Five Ways AR is Transforming Our Healthcare

Augmented reality is leading to innovations that are reinventing the way we approach problems in healthcare. What was once a dream in the medical industry is now taking shape into reality.

While AR is impacting healthcare in many ways, in this article, we focus on five ways augmented reality is helping healthcare professionals and patients:

  1. Needles and Things: How AR is being used to deliver faster, better, more cost effective IV placement

  2. Doctor + Patient + Screen Time = Ugh! Use of AR in shifting the focus back to the human experience

  3. Augmented Daily Living (ADL): How AR is aiding those with disabilities navigate the challenges of daily life just a bit better

  4. X-ray Vision? Augmented surgery

  5. Augmented POCUS: Looking at what happens when AR and point-of-care ultrasound meet

The Beginner's Mind

The Beginner's Mind

Healthcare could benefit from more eyes trained specifically at looking for red flags.  Conditions that may trigger high alerts and require mobilization of critical resources.  Developing apprentices of patient safety moves beyond just creation of rapid response teams. It requires a dedication of those on the frontlines of healthcare to evergreen training and learning. This sort of training may require innovative modalities of rapidly deploying experience and knowledge to those on the frontlines.  It may require physicians think a bit differently about the traditional physician to physician apprenticeship model.  It may require us to democratize medical knowledge.