Meet PerSim™, the very first patient simulator designed specifically for the pre-hospital professional. Previously, "high-fidelity" simulation training has been the province of expensive, bulky and unrealistic mechanical mannequin simulators which are often confined to "sim centers". The PerSim™ is an affordable, portable and highly realistic patient simulator that can be used nearly anywhere -- in a store, on an ambulance, in a plane or on the side of the road -- allowing pre-hospital providers the ability to train where they work.

See PerSim™ in action

Wow... Just wow!
— Shannon Toohey, MD

PerSim™ Baby is here!


  • Highly realistic depictions of actual patient conditions like diaphoresis (sweating) or seizures.
  • Both adult and baby are included, with more models in development.
  • Lightweight and portable.  Weighs less than 30 pounds.
  • Battery operated.  Use it almost anywhere: indoors, outdoors, in vehicles.
  • Simple instructor interface -- easy to program, easy to use
  • Affordable. Costs a fraction of mechanical simulators.
  • No messy fluids. No mechanical parts to break.

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