Meet PerSim®

The very first patient simulator designed specifically for the frontline healthcare professional.


Medical patient simulation improves medical provider skill, greatly enhancing patient safety.


But existing solutions had limitations.


Pre-hospital personnel, such as paramedics, firefighters, and police, have poor access to simulation due to high cost.

Pre-hospital personnel can’t use simulation in their work environment due to the poor portability of existing technology.

Current simulation technology is not realistic, decreasing its efficacy.


First responders needed better Simulation training.

That’s why we created PerSim®.

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Instead of classrooms or on-screen training modules, PerSim® empowers trainees to practice caring for critically ill patients where first responders actually provide life-saving care: at the incident site, in the back of an ambulance, on a gurney in transit.


What makes PerSim® different?

 PerSim® Features

  • Highly realistic depictions of actual patient conditions like diaphoresis (sweating) or seizures.

  • Both adult and baby are included, with more models in development.

  • Lightweight and portable.  Weighs less than 30 pounds.

  • Battery operated.  Use it almost anywhere: indoors, outdoors, in vehicles.

  • Affordable. Costs a fraction of mechanical simulators.

  • No messy fluids. No mechanical parts to break.

  • Multiple learners can see the same patient at the same time

  • Stream live learning of what the learner sees to the rest of the team/class in real-time


Microsoft HoloLens®

Designed from the outset for industrial use, the HoloLens® is a durable, comfortable device designed for hours-long use.


Simple Instructor Interface

Easy to program. Easy to use.


PerSim® Baby

PerSim Baby is included in our base package of animations and models at no additional cost.

Stay tuned for announcements regarding two additional models we're developing over the coming months.

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